4 Benefits of Pure Hydration IV Therapy

IV therapy delivers nutrients your body needs to function properly directly into the bloodstream using an IV drip bag and needle, similar to getting your blood drawn. This quick delivery means a quick recharge with instant relief from symptoms such as dehydration. If you have been feeling fatigued or dehydrated, Pure Hydration IV therapy will give your body a huge boost and leave you feeling instantly refreshed.

1. Fewer Headaches

A headache is one of the first signs of dehydration. When you are dehydrated, your brain contracts slightly and this causes painful headache symptoms. Quickly rehydrating with a direct supply of water and electrolytes from a Pure Hydration IV prevents headaches from worsening or even starting because the brain is able to plump back up to its normal size.

2. Better Energy

Dehydration causes your body to function slower and this can make you feel sluggish. This is why athletes are constantly reminded to drink water – if they become dehydrated, they will not perform to their best ability. A Pure Hydration drip not only contains water and electrolytes but also vitamin C and B-complex vitamins that give your body a needed energy boost if you feel fatigued.

3. Improved Muscle Health

Joint pain and muscle aches are other common symptoms of dehydration. Our bodies are about 60% water and when we do not have enough water in our system, our muscles cannot stay healthy. As the Pure Hydration drip flushes toxins from the body while supplying the muscles and joints with necessary nutrients and electrolytes, muscle and joint pain may decrease.

4. Cognitive Function

The blend of B-complex vitamins and electrolytes in a Pure Hydration drip will help you feel refreshed and more alert. Various B-complex vitamins such as B3 and B12 have important roles in the development of neurotransmitters and neurological functioning.

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