Medical Grade Skincare: Is it Worth it?

Many people strive to have lovely, healthy skin. Sadly, not everyone is using the appropriate products to get the desired result. While some people choose their preferred drugstore brands, others are devoted consumers of skincare products of the highest caliber.

At Lakefront Wellness, we provide the renowned ZO Skin Health medical skincare brands and services.

Let’s take a look at the difference between over-the-counter skincare and medical-grade products and why medical-grade products can work so much better.

Over-the-Counter Beauty Products

Because of how these products are marketed, consumers keep trying out new products in an effort to locate the ones that deliver the improvement they are looking for.

Even if a lot of these products can benefit the skin, consumers frequently need to use more of them to achieve benefits that are comparable to those of a higher quality.

Medical-Grade Skincare Products

Medical-grade skincare products are prescribed by doctors or certified aestheticians. It uses formulations that penetrate the skin more deeply for more pronounced results than their over-the-counter counterparts. Due to the higher concentration and quantity of active substances used, they can achieve great results.

Medical-grade skincare is also subject to FDA regulation, which requires it to include 99.9% pure ingredients and ensure safety and effectiveness. This is a significant distinction between treatments sold by licensed experts and those found in drugstores.

These medical-grade skincare products are also backed up by scientific studies so you know they give the results they say they do.

Those looking to improve their complexion should look for skincare products made with medical-grade ingredients to get the best results.

Finding the Best Products for Your Needs

Finding the best items for your needs is important, and at Lakefront Wellness we recognize this. Medical-grade skincare is more dependable and clinically proven to promote faster, more effective results.

You can get the flawless, younger-looking skin you want by combining pharmaceutical-grade skincare with our licensed specialists’ knowledge.

At Lakefront Wellness, our staff provides a selection of high-quality skincare items from ZO Skin Health. We take pride in offering the best products and services to our customers to enable them to get the outcomes they’re looking for

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