Medical Weight Loss Treatment Options

Medical weight loss solutions can be a very helpful way to lose weight safely. These solutions treat people classified as overweight (BMI of at least 27) and obese (BMI of at least 30). Everyone’s weight loss journey is different which is why we offer so many options for weight loss treatment. Visit Lakefront Wellness to discuss your options and let us help you reach your goals with the most effective treatment that will fit your lifestyle.

Medical Weight Loss

Medications for weight loss and diabetes can help you regain healthy body weight and improve eating habits.

Oral Weight Loss Medications, also known as Appetite Suppressants, can be a safe and effective addition to help you reach your weight goal. Check out the several appetite suppressants offered at our wellness center.

Injectable Weight Loss Medications, also known as GLP-1 medications, are often administered as an injectable to lower blood sugar, treat diabetes, and help you lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Weight Loss

How much weight can I lose in a month with Semaglutide?

If you follow your treatment plan and diet as instructed, you can expect to lose an average of around 5 pounds per month. Exact amounts may vary depending on the patient.

How long do you take Semaglutide for weight loss?

As long as the patient is healthy, follows the treatment plan, and doesn’t experience significant side effects, they can continue Semaglutide treatments for up to 68 weeks.

Is Contrave the same as Phentermine?

While both medications are oral weight loss tools, the way Contrave and Phentermine work is quite different. Contrave is designed to decrease your cravings and make you feel full more quickly, on the other hand, Phentermine decreases your appetite all around.

What does Contrave do?

Contrave is an appetite suppressant designed to reduce hunger cravings. Along with this, Contrave makes your body feel full quickly, so when cravings do arise you do not overeat.

What's the best medical weight loss treatment?

Medical weight loss is a long road that requires diligence—each form of treatment carries its own pros and cons. A consultation with a medical professional is needed to determine the best weight loss plan for you since there is no one treatment best suited to everyone.


Lakefront Wellness is dedicated to providing our clients with the care they deserve. We are by appointment only so contact us to schedule your appointment today!


Lakefront Wellness is dedicated to providing our clients with the care they deserve. We are by appointment only so contact us or click here to schedule your appointment today!