Fatigue is not just the feeling of being tired. Extended periods of exhaustion and lack of energy caused by severe fatigue can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health, so it is important to receive treatment if you have been experiencing fatigue for an extended period of time.

What is Fatigue?

Fatigue is a more serious condition than sleepiness; it also involves a lack of focus and energy which can make it difficult to perform daily tasks. Common causes of fatigue involve lifestyle factors such as a lack of physical activity or sleep, poor diet, stress, alcohol or drug use, and consuming too much caffeine. Other medical conditions can also cause fatigue such as anemia, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, thyroid disorders, sleep disorders, autoimmune disorders, and more.

Hormone Therapy with Lakefront Wellness

What is Hormone Therapy? Hormone Therapy, or HRT, is a solution to for both men and women to help the body supplement the hormones it is not manufacturing. This therapy can address both low testosterone in men as well as low estrogen in women. Lakefront Wellness is your trusted source…

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How is Fatigue Treated?

At Lakefront Wellness, your provider will ask about your lifestyle habits, the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, and how your fatigue symptoms have progressed. Blood tests may be ordered or a physical examination can be performed to make sure your fatigue is not the result of an underlying medical condition.

By optimizing hormone levels, including thyroid and testosterone for both men and women, we can achieve improvement of fatigue symptoms.

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