NAD+ Infusions

If you have been feeling burnout, anxious, or simply want to feel more refreshed, you should consider NAD+ IV Therapy. NAD+ is an essential component that keeps us functioning, so give your body that energizing boost with an NAD+ infusion.

What Are NAD+ Infusions?

NAD+ is an enzyme that helps regulate metabolic processes and reactions and is the main facilitator in brain renovation – all cellular action links back to the influence of NAD+. Some of these processes include DNA repair, breakdown of fatty acids, and inflammatory responses. Without enough NAD+, all of these processes would be affected. A high-dose infusion of NAD+ can replenish cellular levels of NAD+ and give your body a boost to function healthily.

Am I a Candidate for NAD+ Infusions?

Almost everyone is a candidate for NAD+ infusions. NAD+ infusions are used to treat anxiety, fatigue, and signs of aging. They can also improve cognition, athletic performance, and mental health disorders such as PTSD and depression. NAD+ therapy is also used to effectively stop cravings and reverse addiction.

What to Expect

During your NAD+ IV Therapy, you can relax in one of our comfortable rooms while an experienced RN administers the drip. This is a relatively painless procedure once the needle is inserted into your arm, but you may experience mild stuffiness, congestion, warmth, or the feeling of a heavy chest while the infusion is being administered. After your treatment, you will immediately feel more focused and re-energized. If you are seeking addiction treatment, NAD therapy may be a beneficial tool in your treatment regimen.

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