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Libido is the term for a person’s sex drive or desire to have sex and this varies significantly between every person. Some people have a high libido and enjoy frequent sex while others have a low libido and may not even want to be in a sexual relationship. Libido can also be affected by medical conditions, hormonal levels, certain medications, and quality of one’s life and relationship.

What Causes Low Libido?

Low libido can be related to hormonal changes as we age. It might also be caused by mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, or stress. Antidepressants that are classified as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or certain blood pressure medications can also be affecting sex drive. Alcohol and drug use (including tobacco) can also have a negative impact on a person’s sex drive.

Low Libido for Men

For men, low testosterone levels, as a part of aging, can cause a decrease in libido and affect the strength of erections. Replacing testosterone to optimal levels can improve these symptoms.

Low Libido for Women

For women, low libido is a common problem that is not often addressed or treated during routine medical care. Hormone replacement can significantly improve sexual drive and in turn, improve quality of life.

Hormone Therapy with Lakefront Wellness

What is Hormone Therapy? Hormone Therapy, or HRT, is a solution to for both men and women to help the body supplement the hormones it is not manufacturing. This therapy can address both low testosterone in men as well as low estrogen in women. Lakefront Wellness is your trusted source…

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Treatments for Low Libido

At Lakefront Wellness, we also offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for sexual symptoms like low libido. HRT has many benefits, one of which is improving low libido.

You might be able to increase your sex drive with a few easy lifestyle changes. Develop an exercise routine with aerobics and strength training; this will improve your mood and decrease stress. You should also limit alcohol consumption and try to eat a heathy diet. Communicating with your partner to make sure both of your needs are addressed is also a great way to build a healthy relationship and maintain your sex drive.

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At Lakefront Wellness, we focus on all aspects of health and a healthy libido can be important for people’s personal self esteem and the health of their relationship. If you concerned about your sexual health, schedule a consultation with our team in Lakeland, TN.


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