Hormone 360 Consultation

Together, we’ll discuss how bioidentical hormones can transform your health and lifestyle, understand your current concerns, and establish a regiment that aligns with your goals and medical history.

1st Step – Initial Hormone visit

30-minute MD visit to discuss current symptoms and concerns, past medical history, and discuss benefits of optimizing hormones.

Client responsible for cost of labs.

2nd Step – Comprehensive Hormone Lab Review and Customized Treatment Plan

90-minute MD visit to discuss lab results, optimal levels, and treatment plan to reach client goals.

Client responsible for cost of medications.

MD Hormone Follow-up

3 – 6 month follow-up 30-minute appointment includes: exam, adjustment of treatment plan if needed, and medication refills. (Requirements: completed initial and comprehensive visits.)

Client responsible for cost of labs and/or medications.

Limited Lab Consultation Visit

15 minute MD visit to discuss labs requested.

Client responsible for cost of labs.


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