At Lakefront Wellness, we offer several IV Hydration Therapy drip options, customized to your specific needs and health concerns.

Pure Hydration drips quickly restore the balance of water and electrolytes in your body to treat symptoms of dehydration.

Revive Drips are the ideal hangover cure, and they can quickly relieve hangover pain by rehydrating and reenergizing the body.

Glutathione Infusions are added to many of our IV drips but can be administered alone to treat a variety of chronic illnesses.

The Myers’ Cocktail is one of the most popular IV drips and contains a fusion of vitamins to promote overall body functioning and boost energy levels.

An NAD+ Infusion refreshes the mind and body and is an effective treatment for anxiety and depression, athletic performance, and more.

Recovery & Performance drips, which help to regulate the intake of vitamins and nutrients while also promoting muscle development, are a special drip perfect for athletes and active people.

A Sinus Cocktail Shot instantly alleviates cold or allergy symptoms and is an effective treatment for sinusitis.

B12 Energy Shots are a quick health boost to promote overall well-being and many critical bodily functions.

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