Chase Papke, BSN, RN

Chase Papke, BSN, RN, is a registered nurse and co-founder of Lakefront Wellness. Chase was married to Cassie Papke in 2009 and is a father of 2 boys ages 9 and 7. As a couple and family, they love being involved in their local church, traveling together, and being a part of their boy’s development in sports.

Chase has felt a passion and a pull toward health and disease prevention as far back as an adolescent struggling with his weight at 11 years old. Fortunately, he had a mother who took notice and was proactive in changing the nutrition sources in the household. Though it seemed like a minor adjustment, this was the catalyst that sparked Chase’s interest in everything health and performance related. 

After attaining his college degree in Health and Human Performance from the University of Memphis in 2009 he began personal training. That’s where he first saw the power of reversals in the disease process take place firsthand with his clients. As time went on Chase was seeking more of a challenge and an opportunity to broaden his scope of knowledge and practice. He went on to receive his bachelor’s in nursing from Baptist College of Health Sciences in 2016. 

During his first rotation in surgery, he knew that would be his home. Chase was involved in all types of surgeries ranging from elective to the most involved trauma cases at Regional One, a level one trauma center in Memphis, Tennessee. He enjoyed being a part of correcting a patient’s ailment or injury, not just treating it.

Not long after taking a position in the operating room, his father passed of a heart attack. He didn’t know it at the time, but losing such a close family member to a preventable death is what planted the seed for the inception of Lakefront Wellness. 

He also knew when speaking with his patients that most of the surgeries could have been prevented through lifestyle changes. After years of these conversations, Chase realized the seed that was planted years ago, after his father’s passing, needed to become a reality. 

Thus was born Lakefront Wellness, a preventative medicine clinic. Both cofounders are no strangers to preventable diseases taking hold of immediate family members. They understand how devastating these losses can be on family and community. But, they also understand how hard it can be, but imperative, to take a proactive stance in one’s own journey through life and health. 

Our mission is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to empower our clients in achieving their optimal wellness. 


Lakefront Wellness is dedicated to providing our clients with the care they deserve. We are by appointment only so contact us or click here to schedule your appointment today!