7 Reasons to Consult a Dietitian

You may have never thought about consulting a dietitian, but it can actually be beneficial for a wide variety of people. Experts in food and nutrition, called registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs), can assist in translating the science of nutrition into workable strategies you can use every day. Working with an RDN can help you make distinctive, beneficial lifestyle changes.

It can be helpful to speak with a dietitian even if you don’t have any specific objectives – they can provide advice on a balanced diet, which is beneficial to anyone. Here are six of the most common reasons people meet with a dietitian and how they can help.

You have a chronic illness

If you have medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiac issues, then certain diets can worsen your health and work against your treatment plan. Crash diets, which some people use to reduce weight, can harm your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, or cardiac health.

A dietitian can help you manage your condition with a healthy and well-rounded diet. They can also help you learn which foods to reduce and which to incorporate into your daily life with easy, manageable steps.

You want to lose weight

If you’re trying to reduce weight, a dietitian can assist you. Along with helping you create a diet that’s satisfying and nutritionally complete, they can also walk you through a training regimen that fits your goals and schedule. In contrast to concentrating on short-term goals, dietitians assist you in losing weight more sustainably with your health in mind first and foremost.

You’re a caretaker for a family member or friend

If you’re a caretaker for a close friend or family member who’s elderly or experiencing chronic medical conditions, a dietitian can help you develop meal plans and ways to help your friend or family member get the nutrients they need. A dietitian can also support you and help you find ways to navigate tastes and avoidances if your friend or family member has specific needs.

You want to gain weight

Some individuals struggle to eat enough food to maintain a healthy body mass. This can be because they have lost too much weight or have problems consuming food. They may also have medical conditions that make it difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. Both weight gain and weight loss are topics that dietitians are knowledgeable about.

You have gastrointestinal issues

Gastrointestinal issues can make it difficult to navigate your daily diet. A dietitian can help you make better choices for your digestive health to prevent flare-ups. They can also help you find foods that you can incorporate to help support your digestive health and minimize discomfort.

You want to improve your performance

Whether skiing, weightlifting, or running a marathon, a licensed dietician can help you set goals and get results. Eating nutritious foods and in sufficient amounts can help give your body the energy it needs to perform. A dietitian can help you support your training efforts on a day-to-day basis.

You want to stick to better eating practices

It’s easy to decide to eat better, but more difficult to stick to it. Dietitians are qualified to help you understand and implement the healthy changes you want to make. They research behavioral science and psychology in addition to nutritional science. They can motivate you to maintain your intended goals and assist you in developing healthy habits.

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